Lost & Found Dogs

If you have lost your dog, don’t panic: most lost dogs are recovered within 24 hours if their owners follow a few simple steps. It could really help you in this circumstance if the dog is licensed and has a collar with a name tag and contact information. Better still, your dog has an identifying tattoo or microchip.

Check the CRD Animal Shelter on the Pat Bay Highway. (658-5745) If the dog is lost in Victoria call Victoria Animal Control Services (VACS) at 250-414-0233.

You can also check with ROAM and FLED.

You can also post a notice about a lost or found dog on Citizen Canine’s Facebook page and in the local papers.

Putting up posters in the area where you lost or found the dog can also be effective. Be sure to include a picture and detailed description of the dog, any health, behaviour, or temperament considerations, and your contact information.

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