Citizen Canine’s education mission is two-fold: we educate dog owners about responsible dog ownership, and we educate the general public about dogs, their needs, and their behaviour.

Check out our brochure on responsible dog ownership and trail etiquette. You might be surprised by some things you hadn’t considered about being a responsible dog owner!

Good Owners, Good Dogs Brochure

To educate the general public about dogs we sometimes write op-ed pieces and letters to the editors of local newspapers, articles in local magazines, make guest appearances on CFAX (Jennifer Shaw’s PetLine show), and CBC radio.

  1. As a dog owner who enjoys the stroll along the walkway at Dallas Road, I believe changing this to a leashed area is very unfair to city dog owners. Dogs along this area are very well socialized and regulars do not get unruly and owners are responsible picking up after their four legged friends. The dogs and people all get along extremely well and have become friends over the years. The dogs need the freedom to be dogs who run and play and get the exercise they require to be happy and well behaved. As a follower of the Cesar Millan, he teaches the need for exercising dogs to promote good dog behavior as well as good health. For many dog owners in Victoria, Dallas Road is the primary park for getting the exercise their dogs and they need for good health each day. Too many of the local parks have seasonal restrictions so Dallas Road is at this time the only park for summer walking. For people who want a park primarily as a pedestrian walkway, every other park in the city is open for their enjoyment including Dallas Road from Mile 0 to Ogden Point and Beacon Hill Park. Please leave dog owners with the remainder of the Dallas Road Park from Mile 0 to Clover Point. Lynda and Big Guy

  2. Anne de Verteuil

    How can we contact you to get support, info re a problem at our dog park

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