The “Canine Community” includes dogs and their owners, as well as other people who have relationships with dogs. Citizen Canine is working to expand and strengthen this community by sharing information that will increase public acceptance of dogs and responsible dog ownership.

Neighbourhood Off-Leash Areas Create Community

One of the biggest benefits of off-leash spaces in our communities is the opportunity for dog owners and neighbours to meet and share information. Strong community bonds are created when people gather with a common purpose. Many people who live alone find it easy to meet other people and develop friendships through walking or playing with their dog in a neighbourhood park. These interactions benefit the individual, the dog, and the community.

Mentoring and Pro-Active Involvement

One of the most important things you can do as a dog owner is to talk with other dog owners about problems or successes you are having with your dog. It’s amazing how much information dog owners can share with each other. Responsible dog owners can help those who are new to pet ownership to learn about dog behaviour, training techniques, and other activities. A great place to do this is in our Facebook page.

Every dog owner who does a little extra in terms of clean up is modeling responsible behavior. If you see someone whose dog is not under control, or who is not paying attention to cleaning up after their dog, please politely suggest that they should call their dog, or make a point of offering them a spare poop bag. Most people will react with embarrassment at their own behaviour, although some may become defensive or even hostile. Do not enter into a debate or a confrontation if this occurs: simply disengage and continue on your way.

It’s important that we all work together to keep our off-leash areas clean and appealing for all park users.

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