Dogs are an important part of many families in Greater Victoria, yet public policy does not always provide much support for people with dogs.  In some communities, people and their dogs are unfairly denied access to parks, public transportation, or even a place to live. Citizen Canine works to draw attention to these issues, with the goal of improving public access, acceptance, and the welfare of dogs and dog owners in the region.

Citizen Canine began as a group of concerned dog owners fighting to maintain off-leash access in three of Victoria’s regional parks. We went on to lobby the City of Victoria for increased off-leash opportunities in the city’s parks. We helped Saanich Parks draft a more progressive aggressive dog bylaw. We worked with the Provincial Emergency Preparedness Program to include provisions for pets in their emergency planning. We developed an information package to assist dog owning renters in their search for dog-friendly accomodation.

We are always available to work with and advise Parks Departments in the region’s municipalities, and the Capital Regional District in order to establish a collaborative approach to dog management in our parks on behalf of responsible dog owners.

You can help support Citizen Canine’s work by writing to elected officials in your area to let them know how you feel about issues of importance to you as a dog owner.

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